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Encounter with the Stingless Jellyfish in Bucas Grande

Stingless Jellyfish Bucas Grande

My kinder teacher asked me before “Give me an example of the word that starts with letter J”. One of the reasons why I was so aggressive in campaigning my friends to join me in my Bucas Grande escapade was because of these non-sting jellyfish inhabiting a portion of Bucas Grande. They are harmless and […]

Lost in Guangzhou China, yet productive


Yes, facebook is dead here and twitter is rotted either.  Social media networks are all banned in CHINA as these are considered threats to the communist leaders they have. My ipad and smartphones I brought during my travel in Guanzhou China were functioning as gameboy. Futile. Can’t tweet,upload, and pin. Boring life for a social […]

Boracay’s Extreme Rides


Life in Boracay is like having crazy time in Las Vegas. What you see there, leave it there. The night life makes me foreign in my own land as if I drink and dance in the other country’s bar. Every corner is filled with tourists from Russia, Korea, China, and America. So, whatever I want […]

WATCH: Destination Dahican: Mindanao Tourism Video

This video is one of the Mindanao Tourism Video series that features the best of sites in Mindanao. Dahican Beach has been the most visited place in Mati City. As the Department of Tourism would say poetically, Ripples to skim over. Waves to surf through. Pacific waters in all shades of blue. Dolphins are now at play. And the party's waiting for you. Pictures this. Selfie that. Take it all in. Dahican is in the southern part of gorgeous Mindanao. Fly from Manila to Cebu to Davao City. And then, in just a few hours-waves of fun from sunrise to sundown.

Indak-Sayaw highlights Sambuokan 2014


Here is another reason why we LOVE Mati City. The Indak-Sayaw ( Street Dancing Competition) is always fun to witness especially in Sambuokan Festival. Every year, performances from the schools these dancers are representing have jumped to a new level. It is getting even more colorful and creative. Just this year, Matiao National Highschool dancers […]

It’s More Fun in Mindanao

M-Fun :-} Part 1 from Art Boncato on Vimeo. Why tourists from the different part of world love Mindanao. What's the fun behind every vacation. Listen and Watch! #PhilippineTourism

WATCH: Kadayawan Street Dance Grand Champion 2014

i love mati dancers
Here is the video of Matiao National Highschool representing Mati City in Kadayawan Street Dance Competition 2014. Video courtesy to Sunstar Davao online streaming.

WATCH: Mt.Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary World Heritage Site

Mt Hamiguitan

Davao Oriental’s Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary (MHRWS) is the latest addition to the prestigious United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. This was announced by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee after conducting its deliberation during the 38th Session today, June 23, 2014 in Doha, Qatar. Video: Provincial Information Office of Davao […]

One Day Challenge in Puerto Princesa


Share and like us on facebook. CLICK ME I know, everyone wants to see the Subterranean River very known as the Underground River but in my case I could not just settle for this one only. The challenge is to maximize the available time and experience the side dish of this exploration. And that made […]