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Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur


Very enchanting.Spectacular.Five stars recommended.

My travel to this enchanting paradise in Hinataun Surigao del Sur revitalized my senses as I was being re-oriented once again with the nature’s splendour. Introducing the Enchanted River. WATCH MY UNDERWATER VIDEOGRAPHY

Sited in Hinatuan, people called the river enchanted because of its indisputably enthralling nature’s masterpiece. The bluish water conveys that it is not shallow. This 85 feet deep river scares most of the tourists for it seems you will be swallowed when you dive. Yet, this feeling didn’t stop me to jump and feel the coldness of this pure water. As per the native, the water is actually coming from the sipped stored water in the mountain and from rainfalls.. “Bugwak” is the term in vernacular which means a water is being released out. So, there is no reason to this river to gulp down anyone.

It was almost seven hour drive from Davao City cruising Tagum,Mawab,Mongkayo,Montevista,Trento, Bunawan Agusan, San Franciso going to Hinatuan. From 11pm night to 7am. The original route was via Picop road going to Mangagoy, Bislig City but as per the advice of the ‘kamayos’, track the safe road even how far will it take you rather than passing an easy access that is rough, silent and rebels territory. There were several travellers who have been held up and left lifeless in this short cut.Then, we headed to Agusan del Sur for another 60 km distance before Hinatuan.

The fresh air of Surigao welcomed The seek for Enchanted River was not that difficult as you would notice mini billboards about it. From Hinatuan highway, another 10km not-so-rough road drive to Enchanted River. Just follow the arrows and you will be directed to this hidden paradise.

enchanted riverPerfect timing since we came very early. The river was not yet filled with swimmers.The surrounding was intimidating  at first. It feels like you have to lower your voice at all times. Viewing the river from above feels like the river is covered with mystery and diwatas ‘spirits’.I was being so superstitious that time while listening to the humming birds and embracing the river’s cold breeze.

By and by,swimmers, tourists and travellers came along with their families. The silence had broken. Tents were up while others prepared foods and drinks. Children rushed to the river with their yayas. Big boys started drinking liquors while others jumped off to the river. The enchanting effect had gone instantly. So, if you are planning to visit this place, come as early as you can.

I just have found out that the river’s service has extended. Going down the other side of the river, boating is available. For 32 pesos per hour, you would experience the more enchanting parts of the river while riding the boat and go along with its flow. The bluish water continues down to the ocean. The native brought us to an experience that I never thought to experience. We had no idea that there is more for Hinatuan to offer.

The boat sailed us from Hinatuan river to the magnificent Pangasinan islands, the holy caves, the vanishing island and in the fish cage where turtles are with you. You can actually get in right at the back of the turtles or ‘Pawikans’ as these creatures guide you to the wanders underwater.

I would like to thank my driver for heading us safe even the radiator was in trouble. Big thanks to my staff Reza Mae Tejol for the invitation. To the newly found friends thanks for the idea of making another original pinoy liquor mix ( Cobra, Tanduay Ice, Gilbeys and smiles.) Thanks for the morning headache men! Lolz. And of course super big thanks to the Zaspa family for the free overnight stay in Mangagoy.

To read about how did I make contact with this turtle and the rest of Hinatuan exploration, Click Me.


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