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Korakai Beach Resort: Samal’s Disney Land


While enjoying the towering castle of the kings and queens,the parks and playground, you can jump to the blue water anytime. Discover this resort featuring terrestrial and aquatic recreational activities. 2 in 1.

As the growing city of resorts, The Island Garden City of Samal has introduced another new beach resort. This time, it’s KORAKAI BEACH RESORT located in Circumferential Road, SAMAL.

The resort rings a bell in the social network and micro blogging sites. Each day, it catches the attention of the wondering people asking where on earth this resort located? Had it not been for my friend’s recent activity in Korakai, I would not be able to experience this brilliant man-made resort.

It was my 25th birthday celebration when I got a chance to experience such fantastic tourist spot. The overnight stay was like heaven. It was one of the best birthday celebrations I had in my entire life. With my best friends, we spent the whole night chatting, laughing, drinking and shouting in the elevated 300-meter shoreline giving you a 180-degree view of Davao City and Talicud Island.

The maintenance people are hospitable and they care of the things you requested from them. Fully guarded and the place is secured. You are free to do things that make your stay 100% complete.

Your children have place and I think they are the main market of Korakai. Introducing their PALACIO  DE FANTACIA.

There is an estimatedly 600 sqm swimming pool with slides at the center and surrounded with fountains and slides. Your child will surely enjoy swimming here while giant man-made wild animals  sculpture complete our children’s vacation.

There were tree houses and stone based cottages where you can actually enjoy it (that if you are that short, the houses are literally made for short people like our children) The adult can avail it anyway.

I will not spoil the moment and I want you to experience it by yourself. So here are the things you need to know before going there.The highlight is the resort’s castle standing like a fortress. There are doors and ladders that somehow let you feel what does it like to be in the castle. It is not big as HongKong’s Disnely Land castle but your children will again appreciate it. I could see how my baby lanz smiled and enjoy running around the castle. Child thingy.

  •  Call this number :  0917-303-5572. Cathy will give you all the instructions and reservations.
  • Entrance Fee: P120 (P150 if overnight)
  • Air-conditioned Room (1bed): P1700/night
  • Air-conditioned Room (2 beds): P3,000
  • There are free cottages along the shoreline.
  • If you are more than 10 pax, Korakai has bus service : P70/head back and forth.
  • Bottled drinks and electronic devices have corkage. If you want to spend over night with drinking friends, I suggest you to bring more liquors. Korakai’s canteen closes at 9pm.zzzZZ time.

 Plan your vacation now at Korakai with your children and loved ones. Please note that the resort is continuously constructing some of the amenities and facilities so don’t expect a super duper DISNEY LAND experience.





Photo by Alvertus Photography Copyright 2012

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